Bellydance by Amartia tackles the frequently asked question, why Belly dance?

This is a question that comes up a lot for me- from family, friends, co-workers, you name it.  For those of you who got to see my interview with Project Belly dance Season 1, you will know that my family has not been the most supportive when it comes to my choice to pursue a belly dance career. Why belly dance? Why not another art form? Or, if your day-job is lucrative and great then why dance at all?

For me, dance appeals to the other part of my personality. The non-science geek part of me; the sparkly part! It allows me to be creative and artful and share something with the world. What’s wrong with dance?

I have always wanted to dance and take dance classes. My parents allowed me to dabble in it when I was younger but then my life became about studies and academic excellence. I always longed to go back to dance. When I stumbled upon bellydance at the gym- this was my chance. I was finally going to get to explore dance further.

Belly dance allows me to combine a dance form with my culture. Belly Dance, although not necessarily originating in Greece, is performed and the music can be adapted to fit the movements. I can perform to Greek music and submerse myself in my parents’ culture while indulging myself in the art of belly dance at the same time.

Baltimore Belly Dancer Amartia performs Greek Belly Dance at Washington College

To me, belly dance is not stripping or just shaking my stuff. It is dressing in a glorious sparkly costume that reflects my personality and losing myself in the music; whether it is Egyptian, Turkish, and Greek. Then letting my movements and facial expressions be the instrument of the music. Showing those who may not understand the lyrics what they mean, what they convey.  It is a wonderful experience to me.

So, for Bellydance by Amartia, the reason why she bellydances is: Seeing the joy on the audience’s face or the sadness and yes, even the how is she doing THAT! Exclamations