After those two posts about the worst advice that you have ever gotten about bellydance, I wanted to change things up a bit and talk about why we love bellydance. What bellydance has given us that nothing else can and what we are grateful for in terms of bellydance. I put out the call and I loved all the responses. They are anonymous. Yes, I am writing a love of bellydance post. So get ready! If this doesn’t make you want to try out a class yourself, I don’t know what will!

  • Love and appreciation for every curve of the body. Body acceptance and allowing for self expression in that stead
  • The dance community is like a huge extended family
  • Female camaraderie
  • Self-confidence and esteem. These can carry over into other parts of your life and help to encourage leadership, help in presentations
  • Meeting a variety of amazing women doing phenomenal things in your city, in this country, in this world
  • Being led to events and places that you wouldn’t have been a part of if it wasn’t for bellydance
  • Enriching and changing one’s life
  • Balance and Relaxation
  • A creative outlet bellydance teacher baltimore, baltimore bellydance teacher, bellydance by amartia
  • Challenge, Spirituality, and a relationship with the body and mind
  • Exercise
  • The fun and enjoyment of the movements of the dance like no other dance
  • Beauty of shimmies, vibrations, the music, culture
  • How feminine belly dancing is and truly is so powerful for women
  • The confidence to wear sparkles for any occasion.
  • A place to unleash. To be someone else while performing and on stage. To come out of your shell
  • To dance and feel the energy of the audience returning to you
  • Grace and acceptance of oneself
  • To learn to communicate with the body and get out of your head
  • A deeper understanding of the body. The shape. The flexibility. What it can really do.
  • And so much more!!!

And if you don’t believe me then head over to another blog where someone wrote about their love of bellydance too:  Sara Shrapnell 

Please feel free to add your own to the list by commenting below. I would be glad to see how much you love bellydance and what it may have helped you with in your own life and journey. Now get out there and shimmy!