Since it is the holiday season and I’ll be seeing a lot of my family, it got me thinking. I haven’t done a Greek style post in a while! Plus, I wanted it to be something fun. I present to you the ten things that my Greek mom taught me!

1. If you want to wear a short skirt, wear a covering top. If you want to wear a risque top, wear long pants. Basically show either the top or the bottom, never both at the same time.

2. Moisturizer is good for you. Use it all the time, all over. I really think this is how my skin looks so great!

3. Always make sure you eat before you drink. If I was going out to a club or bar, the first thing she wanted to know was if I ate. Not how much I was going to drink or who was driving, but if I ate. She firmly believes that as long as you eat, the alcohol won’t make you sick.

4. Finish school. An education will get you wherever you want to be. You never know how important an education is until you don’t have it or haven’t finished. My mom had one more year of college left before she came here, fell in love and decided to stay. In those days, it wasn’t possible to go back and forth easily or to transfer your credits.

5. Make your own way. If you want something, make it happen on your own. Never put the outcome of your dreams in anyone else’s hands.

6. Cooking. My mom has shown me the ways of many a Greek recipe. My favorite has to be her response to how do I know when it’s done? “When it looks right.”

7. Laundry. You should be fine with doing everyone’s laundry. Even if it’s your brother’s unmentionables. It’s why I know how to do any type of garment, regardless of gender.

8. Do extra. Even if the teacher doesn’t ask for it, if you have the time, do it. It’s never a bad thing to go above and beyond.

9. Manners. Be as polite as you can be. If you’re in a crowd and you need to push through, then at least say excuse me first.

10. Grammar is important. Regardless of language, if my mom catches a grammar mistake, you are getting called on it. It makes me ever vigilant and is probably why I love my who/whom coffee mug so much.


I hope these have given you a bit of a chuckle. They always do for me. It’s nice to think back on the things that our parents have taught us. Feel free to comment below with the unique things that your mom has taught you! And don’t worry dads, there will be a Greek dad post too!