I’m sure it seems like I have a lot of these type of posts but they’ve gotten such a good response that I wanted to make sure I finish out the set I had planned. In this week’s post, I give the 4 marketing tools that I feel every bellydancer should be using. So, let’s get to it!

1. Schedulers. Almost every social media platform has one and there are even a few that encompass them all. Find the one that you like the best and use it! This is not to say that you can’t post on the fly or respond but it makes keeping up your presence and content a whole lot easier to schedule some of your posts in advance. It also helps keep you sane: away from keyboard time.

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2. A pre-written spiel about yourself that you can send to clients. This can be edited and tailored to their specific requests more easily and it makes your response time faster. I have heard myself and from more than one dancer that they have gotten a gig because they are the first to respond. Having pre-written marketing tools is a big plus!

3. Business cards. May seem out of date but people still ask for them. if you want to bring those people to social media, make sure you have those icons on your card and your screen id so they can find you. You can turn a passerby who has your card into your next follower and supporter online.

4. Photography apps. There are so many apps to allow you to edit your photos that you look out of touch if you don’t use them. There are even apps to add extra bling and sparkly to your already jeweled out costumes! Find a few that work for you and use them to take your backstage photos to the next level. VSCO is one of my faves and it’s FREE!

So there you have it, my 4 marketing tools for bellydancers. . Feel free to comment with your own as I am always looking for new things to up my game- and that of my readers!