Having a Great Bridal Shower is one of the top things on every bride’s (and bridal party’s) list. No one wants to be the one that had “that” bridal shower – the one where something went wrong. OR the shower that was so boring that no one wants to talk about it at all. You want it to be the perfect beginning to your wedding extravaganza. Here are 4 tips on planning a great bridal shower in Baltimore, MD that I have figured out from interacting with planners and brides alike:

  1. Location: This may be an obvious one, but typically not a lot of thought is given to location. The typical locations are a restaurant or someone’s home. There are many ways that you can spruce those locations up with decorations and theme, BUT why not try something different? You could have it at a roller rink or a bowling alley or what about a lingerie store? If the time of year is nice for weather then why not an outdoor location? Like the Liriodendron  in Harford County? It has the plus side of offering a beautiful backdrop for your shower photos! Think outside the box!

  2. Food:  If you have it at a restaurant then the food is an easy choice because the venue will provide it. If you do not then will you provide it yourself? Have a caterer? Sit down? Or buffet. If you have some great cooks in the family and you can decide on a set simple menu then go for it! It helps give your shower a more personal touch. Also, a buffet is the best way to go- it helps people from both sides of the family mingle with each other and hopefully spark conversations!
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  3. Everyone hosting needs a job: Typically a bridal shower is being hosted by a group of people. Make sure to make ONE person the main contact for the venue, caterer, guests, etc. It is really hard to coordinate games, guests, food, etc. with multiple people being contacted. One point person can help keep things organized and the event details from getting out of control. They can also be the one who handles any issues that may arrive the day of. In addition, make ONE person in charge of games, one person in charge of gifts, etc. I think you see where I am going with this. Everyone is involved and the jobs are evenly distributed.

  4. Games/Entertainment: This can be a tough one for some people. Some people think games at a shower are a great idea and some don’t. Some are just in it for the game prizes. From every shower that I have hosted and attended, I can tell you that games or activity of some kind are a must. Your guests love you but watching you open gifts is not the most scintillating of activities. Perhaps you don’t want games, and then you can go out of the box. Hire a belly dancer. You can have the belly dancer  perform to entertain your guests during the lunch/dinner portion of the shower OR you can ask that the dancer give a lesson. Make the focus of your shower the game portion. This way everyone gets involved and has fun. It’s also a great way for family members that have just met each other to really bond.  Why not make YOUR shower be the one that’s different and where everyone has a blast shimmying and giggling along with each other.


I hope that these tips have helped you with your bridal shower planning. Just keep FUN in mind and I’m sure it will be an event to remember!