Bellydance by Amartia would like to let you know that bellydancers are great for birthday parties. Bellydancers are a great way to get the party started or keep the energy of the party going. We can be a surprise or the guest of honor can know in advance. The show does not need to be long, just enough to surprise them ( if desired) , get them and everyone else up to dance, take photos, and leave the party more amped up than when we arrived.

Entertainment in Maryland Birthday Surprise

Some people think that a belly dancer is only for a male party or only for an Arabian themed party but that’s just not true! A belly dancer is for everyone. They are for female birthdays, kid’s birthday, and princess parties, you name it! It is a beautiful art form represented in sparkly spectacular way!

Birthday parties are among my favorite gigs. They are always a time of joy and celebration. You can’t help but get wrapped up in it. I have had a client hire me because 20 years ago they hired a bellydancer for a birthday and wanted to honor the anniversary by doing it again. They even had a photo of the birthday boy with the bellydancer that they had me recreate so they would have a side by side; a then and a now if you will.

Birthday party performances are fully customizable to fit your needs. It does not have to be the same performance you have seen before. I have been asked to dress in the birthday guest of honor’s favorite color or sports team colors (since I am from Baltimore, of course its Raven’s purple and black!). Even a favorite song is an option. If it’s bellydance-able then I can honor that request. Anything to make the guest of honor feel even more special than they already do on their birthday is my goal.

There are so many possibilities that it would take numerous blog posts to cover them all. Bellydance by Amartia just wants to remind you that a bellydancer is great entertainment for any event, not just birthday parties!