Bellydance by Amartia writes a letter to help the audience members in the belly dancing restaurant in Maryland.

Dear beloved audience members, this is what we want from you. There has been a lot of talk recently about what to do when there is a bellydancer at a restaurant. Sometimes the show is highly advertised by a restaurant so patrons know going in on this day and this time there is going to be a dancer. If you don’t care for it then you can choose not to be there at that time.

There are those times however when the show is not well advertised or when it has just started up and is new. What should an audience member do?

It is hard to break the idea of no clapping or hollering. Unlike a symphony recital, clapping and appreciation is welcome. This is of course in the context of the venue. You want to let the dancer know that you appreciate her show but not disrupt the entire restaurant.

Making eye contact with the dancer is fine. Let us know that you see us. Smile! Show us that you appreciate what we are doing. You can look at our costume, our movements, our props. You don’t have to pay attention the whole time. It would be fantastic, but we also know that you are there to eat and enjoy your guests as well.

Bellydance by Amartia belly dancing in a restaurant in Baltimore

We may try to get you up to dance with us. You don’t have to. It does however make it more fun and our goal is not to embarrass you, it’s to make sure you have a good time.

Tipping is acceptable. It shows appreciation for our performance and our art. Yes, some dancers do not appreciate body tipping and/ or you may not be sure if it’s allowed.  You can always give the dancer’s tip to the server to pass along. I have even had an instance where an audience member asked the server to ask me to come out because they wanted to show their appreciation.

Sincerely, Bellydance by Amartia who loves her audience members in the belly dancing restaurant in Maryland.