I teach an in-depth lecture on the business of bellydance and I also offering restaurant mentoring but that doesn’t mean that my blog followers shouldn’t get a little treat. Here is my list of things to think about when trying to put the BIZ into your belly dance business.

Do you have proper training and photos?
Are you getting support from friends and family?
Have you obtained any necessary business licenses?
Have you joined any local business organizations?
Do you have a web presence?

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Have you chosen a location?
Have you figured out who to contact?
Do you know when, where, and why to contact a businesses?

Do you have a way to reach out to your customers?
Do you reward your repeat business?
Do you listen to the needs of your customers?
Do you give Killer Customer Service?

If you go through and answer these questions for yourself, it will give you a start to how to think of your bellydancing as more of a business and less like a hobby. Of course if you want the nitty gritty, you’ll just have to contact me! 😀