Along with my post on the LED prop trend, I have been keeping an eye out on dancers posts about them. The results were not favorable. Lots of dancers have complained about their wings not working in the middle of a set of dying after a few uses.

Not everyone is super gentle with their props- heck i myself am guilty of this. I promised the dancers my review and here goes!

I have had a mixed experience.

I got a AA battery pack one from Etsy and at first loved them (See above video ). they had different settings and you could only turn them on via the battery pack but I was o.k. with that. I even featured them in my promo video but alas, they then died. Only one half of the wings lights up. It was quite embarrassing to find this out at a client’s event. I am in the process of trying to get them fixed. I know someone handy but it was a pain to have them fail in that way.  I had heard that the new battery boxes are getting better and even USB style is available now.  You can also order just the USB battery part so I’m hoping there is a way to turn them into a USB style. There won’t be a switch but at least I’ll be able to plug them and use them instead of them being a pretty paperweight as they currently are.

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SO the next ones that I tried were from a different vendor with the USB battery box. I really like the wow factor of the prop and clients seem to really like them.

I now have the USB style and so far so good. I have used them at more than 4 events. I am a bit more careful with them in terms of folding them into their case nicely and not ditching them into my trunk rushing from gig to gig. The charge has lasted, I haven’t had to charge them again and the little switch on the stick that allows you to turn them off and on is really neat. Plus the USB pack is waaaay smaller than the battery pack that i had. These were about the same price range as the ones from Etsy  $200-300 range as well.

As you can see, they make me and my clients very happy:


I hope this  helps dancers in their quest to find good LED wings. Feel free to comment with your own experiences and trials.