Just stop it. Stop. I am not OK with it and I can almost guarantee that no other professional bellydancer or performer is either. Blowing up my inbox and my blog is not ever going to change that. Honestly keep the thought to your self. I don’t need or want to know. Regardless of what my current relationship status is, stop asking to lick my navel.

I won’t post the comments here as I don’t want to gross anyone out. Needing eye bleach for myself is enough. I know why they are asking. Not just from the sexual interest perspective, I know my belly button is different but I don’t need you to tell me. I also don’t need you to ask me how far it goes and if you can kiss or lick it. And putting in a gig request won’t change that. You offering to pay me for it, won’t change that. Perhaps if I already offered it as a service or if I alluded to it in any way shape or form. But I don’t. There is no illusion. There is only reality- the reality of me not ever EVER wanting anyone to do that for me, with me or to me.

From : http://customerservicelife.com/3-simple-alternatives-to-saying-no/

Some people would say just delete them and/or block them. Which is all fine and good but I also think that it allows this sort of behavior to continue. It is harassment and regardless of what photos we dancers post, it should not be OK to send us these messages or comments. Just like it’s not OK to catcall a woman walking down the street, same applies to messages.

So the next time you think about sending one of those messages think about the consequences of your actions. And also think about what a 3am will brigade might sound like.