This seems to be the year of Sweet 16 parties for me and I just had to blog about how fun they are. Specifically Atheena’s party.

A lot of people seem to think that belly dancers are only for men and only for over 40 or 21st birthday parties, but we really aren’t.  Atheena’s mom hired me as the surprise guest for the party and an added present for the birthday girl.

Her mom was clear that she wanted classy entertainment. She wanted demure and fun   and that’s what belly dancers are!

She let me know what the colors were, what the DJ needed and what the audience would be composed of. I sent her photos of costumes to choose from and she selected her favorite. From contract to particulars to payment, to the day of,  it was a pleasure working with her.

The event was lovely, they had a balloon archway, giant balloons, a step and repeat, a projector screen and so much more!


Atheena was super surprised. Her facial expressions were priceless. She got up to dance with me along with some of her friends and group of cute little girls. The DJ also had some moves of his own to add to the table. It was an awesome event.


Even after I performed, they wanted to take photos with me, offered me water, and even food to take with me. It smelled wonderful but unfortunately I had another event to get to.

The smiles on everyone’s faces is proof that a belly dancer at a sweet 16 is a good time by all!