Tipping is an act that can be controversial and to allow it or not is a question that many belly dancers face, including Bellydance by Amartia. It is a personal choice that each dancer has to make on their own as to whether or not they will allow body tipping.

First, let it be said that a tip is a bonus. Lack of tipping has no reflection on the dancer’s skill or lack thereof; it has to do with the audience. Some audience members do not feel comfortable tipping or even know that it takes place. Others know that it exists but choose not to and our favorites do it frequently and with great gusto!

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There are some audience members who will “shower” you will money- hence the term money shower. These are fabulous when they occur and even better if photos are taken at that moment. The only drawback is the bills making the floor slippery or the likelihood of someone walking away with your tips.

Body tipping can start with the armband or wristlet. If a client is waving their dollars at you and wants to tip you, then you can extend your wrist or arm to them or even point, so they know where to place it. The next option is the hip or at the belt. Depending on how tight your costume is it may be easy or difficult for them to get the tip in there. You can always let them start it and then finish it for them so to speak. The back of the bra is another option for tipping, simply lift your hair. Bra front tipping is again a personal choice. It can be evaluated on a case by case basis, (see the next paragraph).

Now, there will always be that one patron who wants to try to get away with doing something naughty or truly has no idea that what they are doing is inappropriate. Male, female, child, doesn’t matter. It is NOT ok to pull my lycra costume out 3 feet to put in two dollars. It is also not okay to try to stick your whole hand and arm down my skirt or any other part of my costuming. As for the bra question, there are those who can tip the front of the bra discreetly without really touching you or trying to cop a feel. These are the people who will tuck into your straps instead of the front. Again if they aren’t going about it in a lewd manner (drooling and gesturing), then you may be more inclined to allow it.

If body tipping just really really isn’t for you then there are a few options. One is to pass around a basket at the end of their sets or the night. Some have the wait staff do it for them. Again, this will depend on the establishment. If the staff has time/is willing to do it or the dancer is willing to do it on her own. You could even make cards to put on the tables so guests know that if they want to show appreciated they can do so just in a particular manner of your choosing. You could also simply take the tip from the patron and stuff it in your belt on your own. That way the only person touching you, is you!

Hope that this info and tips have helped those who may have been struggling with the question of tipping, as stated; it is a personal choice that every dancer, even Bellydance by Amartia, had to make.